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Feb. 27th, 2007

...wow, so, occasionally I actually look at my profile and boggle at how many people are reading this journal. I mean, it's not a *huge* number, but it's big to me, and it seems to have gotten significantly larger lately. And I often think that my ramblings are completely incomprehensible to anyone who hasn't known me for the past several years and several fandoms. So! This is one of those Introduction To This Journal type posts.

I go by Zee--it used to be Zeelee, but now it's pretty much just Zee. My username is ficbyzee because originally this was just going to be an LJ for my fic, and then it became my general fannish journal, and now it's my journal for rl stuff and fannish stuff and everything in between. I'm not linking to my old journal because I'm pretty embarrassed by it, as it's mostly stupid teen angst.

I'm 19 years old, and reside in Portland, Oregon, sharing an apartment with the illustrious liviapenn. Generally I think she's pretty keen. I'm originally from Salt Lake City, UT, and no I'm not mormon. I have a love/hate relationship with my home state, which is to say that *I* can talk shit about it, but if you do I'll cut you. I'm bisexual, I'm half-Brazilian, I have a quick temper and get pissed off and bitchy pretty easily, but I also get really dorkily excited and squeeful about stuff, and I try to ensure that this journal has more gleeful content than cranky content. I upload music a lot, and I have an ongoing mission to make anyone reading this journal at least give hip-hop a chance.

I write fic and I make vids, and sometimes I fuck around with photoshop. I have a website but it's sporadically updated; you're better off poking through my tags for stuff, pretty much everything I write and post is under the 'fic' tag. I write whatever I feel like, whether that's slash, gen, or het, but usually my writing is weighted towards the boyslash. I fucking love writing porn. Asking me to write something for you out of the blue is likely to make me dig in my heels and *not* write it, unless I know you and we are friends, and even then it's unlikely; this goes double for vids.

I am a giant vidding nerd, and while I've been writing long enough to feel pretty confident about it, I still kind of consider myself a vidding newbie, and thus I post whiny, flailing entries about my vidding process a lot. I also have the attention span of a fruit fly, and so I have a very hard time actually *finishing* vids--there are nine WiPs in my vidding folder, which is actually the lowest that number has been in months. It's awful.

Past fandoms include: X-men, DC Comics, Supernatural, Buffy and Angel, SGA, Everwood, Veronica Mars, random others that I'm probably forgetting. I've dabbled a lot in a bunch of fandoms and seen at least a few episodes of lots of shows; I'm kind of a whore that way. Right now I'm most excited about emo bandslash--Fall Out Boy RPS and all of the bands associated with FOB. I'm feeling pretty bitter towards DC comics right now, so I'm kind of taking a break from that fandom at the moment, but I don't think I'll ever actually *leave* it--every time I try to it sucks me back in. I'm also pretty behind on Supernatural, and can't picture myself getting fannish about it again. I've stopped watching VMars; I'm still pathetically attached to Everwood and BtVS; the only thing keeping me even remotely interested in SGA is Ronon. If you've friended me in the hopes of more fannish output in any of the fandoms I'm no longer interested in, you're going to be disappointed, and feel free to defriend.

I get pretty obsessive over my favorite characters, and while I'll read just about anything I also get pretty obsessive about OTPs. Although in the past year or so, I've stopped reading much fic, period, so I'm probably not reading yours, and asking me to probably won't make me more likely to. (I *have* been reading almost anything I can get my hands on in bandslash fandom, but I chalk that up to New Fandom Glow.)

Um! Now I sound like a bitch, but for the most part, honestly, I'm pretty cuddly. At least to your face. And this is the part where I ask you why the hell you read this journal, because I'm curious. So! Introduce yourself, wave hi, tell me why you're reading, I won't bite. I just want to know why you're here.


Feb. 28th, 2007 06:46 am (UTC)
I'm Kaja, 19 and from Slovenia. *waves*

I think I friended you because of Everwood, though honestly, it's been so long I don't even remember anymore and it's gotten to the point where your posts are an integral part of my flist, no matter their subject. Plus, I've recently (in the past couple of months) gotten into DC and I used your journal as a kind of a starting point into fandom.

Basically, I'm reading because I think you're cool. *g*