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Jan. 4th, 2011

Nola riding (hustle & flow)
I participated in Yuletide this year for the first time in a few years, and it was a really lovely experience. I ended up writing We Wear Each Other's Heads Like Hats for just_katarin. I was tempted by some of her other prompts, but in the end I wrote Community fic, because Troy and Abed are amazing and wonderful and I 'ship them harder than I've 'shipped any pairing since Merlin and Arthur a couple years ago.

I was quite lucky this year and received two different stories, both in the Losers fandom: Sweet Dreams Are Made Of These by Kittydesade, and Bad Cop by likeadeuce. "Sweet Dreams Are Made of These" is a sweet and funny look at the relationship between Jensen and Aisha. Jensen's dream sequence and inner monologue felt so spot on to me. "Bad Cop" is Clay/Roque, and it gave me the #1 thing I wanted post-movie, which was a deeper look at Roque's characterization, the choices he makes and his relationship with Clay. I love the way she's made sense of his character: you can still see him making the choices he does in the film, but it's also clear why he remained loyal to Clay for so long. I loved the way she wrote the two of them fighting with each other and supporting each other, too.



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